Osso’s origins lay in providing specialist transportation and installation of high value, often prototype, medical equipment into NHS Trust environments. Additionally, its Medex express service has proved invaluable in the delivery of consumables like reagents.

“When we need to relocate test instruments between our laboratories we trust Osso to do the whole job, from removal right through to re-installation. Its professionalism and respect of our stringently clean environments gives us confidence in its service.”
Mark Bletchly, The Doctors Laboratory Ltd. (TDL)

“Sysmex has used Osso for over a decade to move its haematology and coagulation instruments across the UK. Much of the equipment is large and heavy and has to be installed not just out of hours but also in challenging, difficult to access areas. Osso is very much part of the Sysmex team, it also helps manage on-site demonstrations to prospective clients, leaving us free to display the product’s capabilities.”
Keith Howes, managing director, Sysmex UK Ltd

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